Selling Tickets for a Living

The Ticket Resale Business

For the last five years, I’ve been obsessed with finding a way to make a living from home.  The 9-5 grind just doesn’t seem to work for me. So far, I’ve explored a multitude of ideas – but have yet find a model that fits meets my criteria for the ideal work-at-home business. 

So when I bought some Boston Red Sox tickets that I later decided to resell, only to realize I could sell them for more than twice as much as I paid, I was intrigued. And  I did this without knowing anything about successfully selling tickets  What if someone actually knew what they were doing and did it on a larger scale, could they make a living at it, or at least a substantial income? 

Buy TicketsI did what I always do when I have an exciting new idea….I set about reading everything available to see if there was a successful model of becoming what is commonly referred to as a "ticket broker".  Frankly, it wasn’t that easy.  The resources on the web are scattered and incomplete.  But after a few hours of research, I found some good e-book prospects and a couple of websites that looked useful.  I bought and read everything that looked like it could be helpful. 

The purpose of this site is share what I learned about the ticket resale business with a critical eye, reveal what the best resources are, and help guide you in the right direction for you to evaluate for yourself whether you want to go down this road.

The truth is….some people have not only made extra money reselling tickets,  but have actually quit their day jobs and seem to be making a comfortable income.  Not surprisingly, many successful ticket brokers would prefer to keep these secrets to themselves.  However, a few have chosen to share their strategies.  Whether because of a desire to share what they know, or find another revenue stream….or because they understand that more people entering the “ticket resale profession” actually benefit’s the industry.  There is definitely some valuable information available.

To date, I have found:

  • 5 ebooks on the subject of making money buying and selling tickets
  • several web sites that have a modest amount of information
  • a regular paper book that is loosely about the ticket broker business
  • a couple paid services that may prove to be a very important piece of this puzzle. 

To be fair, I intend to make this website a personal journey.  I hope to discover for myself whether selling tickets is a good way to make money, and whether it fits my ideal "work-at-home" criteria.  I'll be reviewing all the resources I've found personally to pick out the ones that can truly be helpful in getting your ticket broker career off the ground.  This is what I have so far….

Reviews    – Reviews of the 5 ebooks I've read to help you decide which ones are right for you

Articles – Information on a number of topics related the ticket broker profession

Quick start guideA few thoughts on an easy way to get your feet wet in this business without too much risk.

Legal and Ethical Issues - Is the ticket resale business legal, and is it a profession that you can feel good about?

Resources – a summary of the most useful resources I've discovered.  I'll be adding on to this list as I go…

I hope this proves helpful in your journey! Please feel free to leave comments on the review pages, or ask questions, and I'll write back.

Good Luck!