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WiseGuys Presale Password Review

WiseGuys Presale Passwords is a service provided by some very cool guys have a built a solid reputation for themselves for their integrity and service – based on my own experience, as well as many others that have used their services.  They add 15 to 35 new presale codes daily and provide tons of information and don't hold anything back.


They offer several options: 

  • 3 day pass for $5 
  • a 7 day trial VIP membership for $2.99 
  • a 60 day 100% guarantee 


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Read what others are saying about these guys….

“Ok, I was very skeptical about this website but I took the chance that it would be ok because I really wanted to see Theresa Caputo in Detroit and seats were selling out quickly, even on the presale. I was very happy that everything came out A-OK! Thanks WiseGuys!!

  “ These guys are great. I have used them for several years and they never disapoint. They also have amazing personal integrity. That alone is such a rare commodity these days. I have never had a problem and they stand behind their product. Even refudning as needed if there was ever a problem. These are great guys.

 “”First Time user. Couldnt get help from from the Artist website/blog other concert goers. I thought this was a scam. IT WORKED. I got great tix and Im stoked. Will definately use again. !!!!


 “ Great to get the heads up on so many events. Love you guys!!!

From the "The Tickets Guide" (check out our review of this book):

"WiseGuys are the #1 Presale Password site out there. These guys have been providing us with presale passwords for years and they’ve become a trusted name in the industry. They also give what they call a “Hot Tip” at the end of each presale post, which is cool and sets them apart from other presale sites. (Update: they’ve recently switched over to paid memberships, but the information they’re churning out every day more than pays for the cost.)"

Review: The Ticket Broker Guide

The Ticket Broker Guide: Learn How to Sell Tickets OnlineThe Ticket Broker Guide was the 3rd book on my reading list, and is among the most recently published.  There's also a bonus that includes market predictions for 2011, which I was interested to check out. Since the first 2 books were so different in perspective, I wondered what more there was to add to the "ticket broker body of knowledge".  Honestly, I was impressed by the level of detail and organization in this book, and discovered plenty of new insights into the ticket buying and selling process. If you want to learn how to become a ticket broker, this is an excellent place to start.

After a little investigation, the author reveals that she learned to make extra money as ticket broker while in school for business.  Her business training comes through nicely in this book.  It reads like a text book in its organization and content, but its still a good read.  She breaks down each aspect of the buying and selling process into its smallest components and explores them fully.   

Again, this is not a get rich quick scheme.  But, as she suggests, if you follow her guidelines and steps, you’ll make money 95% of the time.  That’s a bold statement….but after reading her checklist and research process before buying tickets, I actually believe that could be true. 

She lays out a very thorough process to prevent you from being stuck with loser tickets.  As a risk averse person and prone towards over researching, I liked what I was reading.

In real estate, its "location, location, location"…. for a ticket broker, its " research, research, research."  And lots of resources for doing that research are included. 

Highlights of the book include: 

  • helpful research tools to measure demand for a concert  (a huge piece of this puzzle!)
  • more tips on pulling and evaluating seats
  • strategies on selling tickets (do’s and don’t’s)
  • a different perspective on how to use ebay ( she prefers “buy now” to auctions)
  • a couple  handy checklists, and a good models for record keeping, which will be very important in this business.

My sense is that the author is a pretty savvy, thorough business person, who has all the ticket broker bases covered….It’s definitely an important addition to the ticket broker library. 


  1. Presents a methodical, well-written and low-risk approach to buying and selling tickets
  2. This book can be used as a reference for many situations that arise ….how to deal with a bad buyer, or missing tickets, or if you made a bad purchase and want to cancel.
  3. Lots of resources on where to get that critical research we need to make decisions.
  4. On presales, not only do we get resources, but we get several passwords.

  5. Handy tools and tricks for navigating Ticketmaster


  1. No cases studies or presented, although there are guidelines for how much of a profit you should expect to make.  I really like to see actual numbers – it brings the point home.
  2. While there is mention of each of the possible types of events – sports,concert – the focus seems to definitely be on concert tickets.  The pros and cons of each type of event are not mentioned.   I would imagine there are some differences between how to approach MLB versus concerts, but these differences are not discussed. 

All in all, this book delivers – its packed with useful information, and will definitely be pulled out many times to come.  For those who aspire to become ticket brokers, this will prove very valuable. Thanks for the great book, Brittany…


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Review: The Lazy Way to Buy and Sell Tickets for Profit

The Lazy Way to Buy and Sell Tickets for Profit

This was the first book I read on the subject, and it was a good one to start with.  Having no background or understanding of this possible career choice, this book gave not only an excellent overview of the subject, but also provided tons of specific examples, numbers and case studies.  It covers all the possible ticket arenas – MLB, NBA, NFL, concert tickets, and broadway, and makes very specific recommendations about how to make money in each area.  It also reveals what arenas to stay away from and why (e.g. hockey).  Within each ticket area, we get specific information about profit margins, pitfalls, strategies and risks. 

In addition, this book includes charts, graphs and tables to help the reader make solid decisions about where to sell tickets, the pros and cons of each ticket buying area, and the guidelines on how to pick good seats.  Many times, you feel like a program or book underproduces, and occasionally you feel like you got more than your money’s worth.  In this case, this book is an excellent bang for the buck.  Honestly, I would have to say I got more than I expected.  

While several books spend a great deal of time going into detail about how to navigate and master the ticket buying process with Ticketmaster, this book only touches on this subject.  But it does cover a different aspect of Ticketmaster sales – the premium seat auction.  The author lays out a strategy that has been successful for acquiring profitable tickets through these auctions.  Again, the focus is constantly on getting GREAT seats.


  1. Excellent overview of the entire ticket selling industry…..the legality, ethical justification, and thorough examination of each ticket buying arena.
  2. Very specific guidelines on what types of tickets to buy, where to sell and when to sell.
  3. This book is jam packed with information.  I get a very strong feeling the author is truly pouring out all the information he's accumulated over the years. 
  4. This book provide very realistic expectations about what you can make in the each arena of ticket reselling.  I didn’t walk away with the impression this was a get rich quick scheme.
  5. Excellent case studies of where they bombed and where they succeeded.
  6. Low cost approaches – This is definitely where I intend to start!


  1. This book has a definite focus on MLB and NBA, and favors Stubhub as the seller of choice.  As with the rest of the book, the reasons for this are well documented.  Although there is useful information on concert tickets and other outlets for selling tickets, if you plan to mostly buy concert tickets and sell on ebay, you may want to add additional books..
  2. This book was published in 2009, but many of the examples are from 2006-2008.  I personally would love an update on what changes there are in the industry.  Technology and the economy undoubtedly play a role in the success of this business.

In conclusion, this book lays out a slick business model.  If you’re considering going down the ticket selling road, start here.  Plus its well written to boot. I felt like I have the tools from to get started in a successful, realistic business venture.  


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Review: How to Become a Ticket Broker

How to become a ticket brokerThis was the 4th book on my reading list.  By this time, I felt like I knew a thing or 2 about the ticket brokering business and I was curious to see what value added this book might bring.  I also was interested to see if there was a consistency in what each author has found to work.   On a positive note, I found a lot of consistency on ticket buying strategies, the emphasis on research, some of the techniques for grabbing tickets, and the importance of discipline when buying tickets. 

This author, unlike several others, definitely favors ebay as a selling platform.  He spends a number of pages demonstrating how to more effectively sell your tickets than your competitors and has tips I hadn’t seen before on how to be a better ebay seller. If you want to know more about how to sell tickets on ebay, this book has several valuable tips, including to how to legitimize and improve your seller profile.

The duplication of content was both a positive and a negative.  The additional value of this book was not great.  But because its often hard to gauge the quality of e-books, it was reassuring to see that this broker was sharing similar insights.


  1. Provides a a good overview of the key ideas and strategies for successfully buying and selling tickets.
  2. Has a few additional tips on research and selling tickets, and shares a slightly different perspective.
  3. Is geared toward a beginner broker, putting on emphasis on not overextending yourself – including a few guidelines to help.
  4. Helpful tips for ebay users that were new for me.


  1. This was the shortest book and the lightest on details yet it cost somewhere in the middle of the range of the books I read.  Probably the least bang for the buck.
  2. Very few resources included in this book.  While the others included included a number of research tools and websites to assist the process, this book provided very few.

This book won’t make it to my top list of books on the subject, but I am happy to add it to my library and pull it out as a reference as I embark on this ticket broker journey.


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Review: How to Make Big Profits Selling Tickets on Ebay

How to Make Big profts Selling Tickets on EbayPublished in 2008, this ebook is, according to the author Rodney Meyers, based on 10 years experience as a ticket broker.  Along with the authors, he does not promise riches overnight, but says that with research and the right tools, you can make a living at it.  Rodney notes that he is doing this work full-time. 

This book presents a different perspective on ticket brokering…which is good.  The focus is on concert tickets and the big money games in sports such as the World Series, the Super Bowl and College Bowl games.  Season tickets for sports events are not on his radar.  In fact,  he shares a story about his friend who has Chicago Cubs season tickets, and he doesn't make any money selling his unused tickets. 

We are offered some different strategies for acquiring good tickets and also given guidance during the ticket buying process to ensure  that you're actually getting GOOD seats to events that are likely to sell out.  

There are lots of tricks and resources in this ebook – from getting into to Ticketmaster or first, to getting around ticket limits, to dealing with those annoying, unreadable captcha windows.  All in all, he provides lots of detail on the ins and outs of navigating ticketmaster.  He also devotes a lot of time the nature and anatomy of tickets and how to set up an ebay listing.  He also includes hyperlinks to many of the resources he discusses right in his book. 

One of the best of parts of this purchase is the free tool bar if you buy the book.  I added it , and I like it. Very handy!  In addition, he is one of the few authors who is providing current information on ticket broker strategies.  In the constantly changing ticket broker environment, this is quite important.  After purchasing the book, you can download the toolbar and join the ticket forum

All in the all, this could prove to be a very valuable addition to my collection.


1.  Provides cool tips and tricks to get tickets, including a nifty toolbar and an interesting strategy to buy tickets to big ticket events that are restricted to local residents.

2. Shares many great resources and links, including suggestions on using a browser designed for brokers.

3. As suggested by the title, it will be incredibly helpful if you are auctioning tickets on eBay.

3.  Potentially great advice for buying tickets to the golden tickets – college bowl games, Super Bowl and World Series. This part I will definitely pay close attention to

4. Solid information on presales, which are often key to getting good tickets


1. Doesn’t provide expected profits or an overall business model.  But he does share profit margins and amounts based on his experiences.

2.  A number of pages could perhaps have been included in an appendix rather than a primary section of the book, such as the section on ticket anatomy. But that's really a stylistic issue – not one of substance.

All in all, this book has lots of strategies that are broken down into easy to follow step by step processes.  There is enough substance in it to add excellent value to your ticket broker library.


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Review: Ticket to the Limit

Ticket to the Limit"Ticket to Limit" is written by Randy Cohen, owner and founder of TicketCity, a  well-respected ticket brokerage firm.  TicketCity sells tickets to some of biggest sporting events and concerts in the world.  I read this book hoping to gain greater insight into the ticket broker field.  It certainly wasn't any kind of "how to become a ticket broker" manual, but as a new person in the field, I found it to be a worthy read.  It's a little reminiscent of the "The Last Lecture" by another Randy…Randy Pausch. 

Randy Cohen is an interesting guy.  His book is part "philosphy of life", part "how to be a great boss and run a top notch company", and partly a testament to his own life.    His work as the owner of a large ticket brokerage firm isn't the subject of the book but rather the back drop to his story; it helps demonstrate many of the principles he writes about. 

"Ticket the Limit" is broken into 10 success secrets, or "rules of reason" that he's embraced in his life.  Throughout his book, he weaves in stories about his business and his life to demonstrate his "Woowoo" philosphy, which means to move fearlessly and passionately through your life. He sounds like a ridiculously enthusiastic and energetic person.  I kept thinking…is this guy for real?  Does he really have that positive of an attitude?

Several sections of the book discuss his approach to managing his employees.  And actually, if I have to work a 9 -5 job, this is the kind of company I'd love to work for.  He sounds like the kind of boss people dream of having….where they're appreciated, valued for the unique skills they bring, and rewarded an many levels. 

In some ways, I had a knee-jerk reaction to the book — do we need another "how to live life book"?  And is this just a tool to promote his business?  Perhaps….but he actually sucked me in, and it affected me.  Honestly, it helped pull me out of a rut and bring into sharp focus what I want I really want in life.    His enthusiasm and zest for life is a bit contagious.

OK, so this is a book about going for what you want in life, and being the best person you can.  But was there any helpful information about the secondary ticket business? 

Well, to an extent….If you're a more traditional brick and mortar ticket broker company that works directly with clients, then what he shares about how to provide top notch customer service as a ticket reseller is impressive.  Even if you sell tickets on ebay and communicate directly with clients, this book should be inspiration to everyone to be the best they can. 

If you work with a service like Stubhub exclusively, then they act as the intermediary, and you as the ticket broker, have no direct contact.  But by choosing a company like Stubhub, which has excellent customer service, you're essentially bringing on a partner that provides a high level of customer service.

Randy includes a section at the end about the future of the industry in a positive way.  There are rumblings and concerns about what the future holds for the secondary ticket market.  Is Ticketmaster trying to eliminate all other ticket resellers ?  But he seems to think the future is bright for the ticket broker industry.  State ticket scalping laws are loosening up, and the ticket resale industry, particularly web-based businesses, are gaining credibility and perhaps a more professional image. 

If you want to feel good about being a ticket broker, or aspire to be a better ticket broker, this could be a good read.  

Actually, if want to be better at anything at all, you might want to check this out.

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Review: Ticket Broker Blueprint: Learn How to Become a Ticket Broker

The Ticket Broker Blue Print: Learn how to become a ticket brokerThis ebook, published in 2010, is among the most current available.  After having read 4 books on the subject, I wondered how much more I could gain from yet another one.  It turns out a lot…The author of the book (Brandon) does an excellent job of detailing many aspects of what it takes to be successful in the business.  What struck me about this book was the thoroughness of every aspect of buying and selling tickets.  There are over 80 pages in this book, and the print is fairly small.  It's dense with information!  Yes, there are screen shots, but those are quite a valuable part of the detailed processes he lays out. 

"Ticket Broker Blueprint" is well organized, well-written and full of specific information (e.g the best cities, the best venues, specific guidelines on pricing and buying).  His walk-thru of how to successfully buy GOOD tickets with Ticketmaster is worth the $37 alone.  In addition, Brandon offers to answer any questions you might have about the business via phone and email.  That’s pretty cool.  My sense is that this guy is quite a thorough, experienced broker who is genuinely interested in helping people succeed in this business. 

He also gives tons of specific examples of what he’s done, and how its worked out.  I really appreciate it when an author gives very specific guidance – how to price your tickets, spending limits, profit expectations – and backs up that guidance with real life examples.  Brandon does this very nicely in this book.  There’s a ton of information here, and I’m already thinking I need to reread – or keep it handy – as I take the next step in this journey.


  1. Tons of well-documented, organized and understandable information on almost every aspect of buying and selling tickets.
  2. Excellent examples of what’s worked and not worked.  Examples of when a strategy has failed is perhaps even more important than success.
  3. Sets up realistic expectations and multiple strategies to minimize losses (very important for a risk-averse person such as myself!)
  4. The steps outlined are easy to follow and well-written.  I feel confident that I could easily follow the guidelines in this book.
  5. This book has one of my favorite components of a book – the "chapter summary"! This was very helpful, and demonstrates his commitment to helping you understand what he’s sharing.
  6. This book is very current. Because there are changes every year with technology and trends in the industry, this was important to me.


  1. Hard to find cons except to say that it really is focused on concerts, and the big sports events also.  There is no mention of MLB or NFL single or season tickets,  or Broadway shows.
  2. While the book does provide some research tools and guides for what artists and shows to buy tickets, this critical research piece was a little light.  I would be interested in resources to find guidelines or statistics on what shows are likely to sell out. 

I would consider this book a must read if you’re starting out in the business, or even if you have some experience.   It's well well worth the $37.

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