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A cool new browser

I've been checking some new resources for how to get an edge in trying to buy and sell tickets profitably.  As you know if you've read some of my other posts, it's critical to get a head start out of the gate when trying to buy the best tickets.  This can absolutely be the difference between making really good money and losing money.  It's important give yourself every advantage!

Now, I'm not a fan of spending money you don't have, but I do believe in making wise, informed decisions and finding the right tools to be successful.  Give tools a try and if they work, keep them.  If not, dump them!

Pulling good tickets is critical.  And having a browser that allows you to maneuver quickly and easily through tickets can be that key advantage.  I've checked out the Insomiac browser, and it has some really cool features.

So I offer this one for your consideration to check out for yourself.

Insomniac browser –> sign up for 7 day trial

Why use Insomniac?

Using multiple browsers is one strategy that brokers use to check out multiple ticket options at once.   But if you are currently using multiple browser tricks to access a web site more than once, you know the problems:

  • You have to constantly go down to the menu bar to switch windows.
  • You can’t see all of your tabs at once.
  • Each browser has its own rules for how you can go backwards.

If you're just buying tickets casually, this stuff might not matter. But all of these extra mouse clicks and keystrokes take time. And time is money.  This is where Insomniac browser can give you an advantage

If you want to be quick you need to eliminate all of this garbage motion. You need:

  • All of your tabs visible in one window.
  • Easy backing up with no annoying POST DATA pop ups.
  • A light browser that browses fast – with nothing to weigh it down.
  • The ability run as many sessions as you want on one web site.
  • To add tabs on the fly with one click of a button – not by reopening the whole program.
  • To duplicate the current tab in a new tab – with one click.

Insomniac seems to allow you to do all of these things. The devil is in the details and Insomniac Browser does a really good job of managing these these details.

Again, consider your level of commitment and your budget.  Check it out with a few ticket pulls and see if its worth the investment. 

Insomniac browser

Good Luck!