Review: The Lazy Way to Buy and Sell Tickets for Profit

The Lazy Way to Buy and Sell Tickets for Profit

This was the first book I read on the subject, and it was a good one to start with.  Having no background or understanding of this possible career choice, this book gave not only an excellent overview of the subject, but also provided tons of specific examples, numbers and case studies.  It covers all the possible ticket arenas – MLB, NBA, NFL, concert tickets, and broadway, and makes very specific recommendations about how to make money in each area.  It also reveals what arenas to stay away from and why (e.g. hockey).  Within each ticket area, we get specific information about profit margins, pitfalls, strategies and risks. 

In addition, this book includes charts, graphs and tables to help the reader make solid decisions about where to sell tickets, the pros and cons of each ticket buying area, and the guidelines on how to pick good seats.  Many times, you feel like a program or book underproduces, and occasionally you feel like you got more than your money’s worth.  In this case, this book is an excellent bang for the buck.  Honestly, I would have to say I got more than I expected.  

While several books spend a great deal of time going into detail about how to navigate and master the ticket buying process with Ticketmaster, this book only touches on this subject.  But it does cover a different aspect of Ticketmaster sales – the premium seat auction.  The author lays out a strategy that has been successful for acquiring profitable tickets through these auctions.  Again, the focus is constantly on getting GREAT seats.


  1. Excellent overview of the entire ticket selling industry…..the legality, ethical justification, and thorough examination of each ticket buying arena.
  2. Very specific guidelines on what types of tickets to buy, where to sell and when to sell.
  3. This book is jam packed with information.  I get a very strong feeling the author is truly pouring out all the information he's accumulated over the years. 
  4. This book provide very realistic expectations about what you can make in the each arena of ticket reselling.  I didn’t walk away with the impression this was a get rich quick scheme.
  5. Excellent case studies of where they bombed and where they succeeded.
  6. Low cost approaches – This is definitely where I intend to start!


  1. This book has a definite focus on MLB and NBA, and favors Stubhub as the seller of choice.  As with the rest of the book, the reasons for this are well documented.  Although there is useful information on concert tickets and other outlets for selling tickets, if you plan to mostly buy concert tickets and sell on ebay, you may want to add additional books..
  2. This book was published in 2009, but many of the examples are from 2006-2008.  I personally would love an update on what changes there are in the industry.  Technology and the economy undoubtedly play a role in the success of this business.

In conclusion, this book lays out a slick business model.  If you’re considering going down the ticket selling road, start here.  Plus its well written to boot. I felt like I have the tools from to get started in a successful, realistic business venture.  


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7 thoughts on “Review: The Lazy Way to Buy and Sell Tickets for Profit

  1. jerry baxley

    please tell me where i can buy the book or ebook the lazy way to buy tickets for profit? i have looked every where! i would be willing to buy a copy from you if you have any. thanks, jerry. 972-854-4984.
    p.s. i really enjoy your blogs on making money with tickets.

    1. lbaldwin Post author

      Hi Jerry,

      Thanks for letting me know about this issue. It looks as though there site is down. I have their contact information, so I’ll write them and find out what’s going on. Hopefully, we can make this available again. It’s a good one.

      I’ll keep you posted!

  2. jerry baxley


  3. Lewis D

    Hi ibaldwin
         I was interested in purchasing The Lazy Way to Buy and Sell.. but for some reason i'm not having 
    any luck. Now at this giving time if there is a way to purchase this ebook towards a different site please
    inform where I' m able to make this purchase.
                                         Thank You
                                             Concerned Buyer

  4. Matt

    Hey Baldwin,
    Do you know how I can get a hold of this book? The link isn't working. Thank you for your help!

    1. lbaldwin Post author

      Unfortunately, these people have pulled the plug on their book and their website. I have asked them a number of times to make their book available but they have not responded at all. My apologies. I will just remove this page.

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