Review: The Ticket Broker Guide

The Ticket Broker Guide: Learn How to Sell Tickets OnlineThe Ticket Broker Guide was the 3rd book on my reading list, and is among the most recently published.  There's also a bonus that includes market predictions for 2011, which I was interested to check out. Since the first 2 books were so different in perspective, I wondered what more there was to add to the "ticket broker body of knowledge".  Honestly, I was impressed by the level of detail and organization in this book, and discovered plenty of new insights into the ticket buying and selling process. If you want to learn how to become a ticket broker, this is an excellent place to start.

After a little investigation, the author reveals that she learned to make extra money as ticket broker while in school for business.  Her business training comes through nicely in this book.  It reads like a text book in its organization and content, but its still a good read.  She breaks down each aspect of the buying and selling process into its smallest components and explores them fully.   

Again, this is not a get rich quick scheme.  But, as she suggests, if you follow her guidelines and steps, you’ll make money 95% of the time.  That’s a bold statement….but after reading her checklist and research process before buying tickets, I actually believe that could be true. 

She lays out a very thorough process to prevent you from being stuck with loser tickets.  As a risk averse person and prone towards over researching, I liked what I was reading.

In real estate, its "location, location, location"…. for a ticket broker, its " research, research, research."  And lots of resources for doing that research are included. 

Highlights of the book include: 

  • helpful research tools to measure demand for a concert  (a huge piece of this puzzle!)
  • more tips on pulling and evaluating seats
  • strategies on selling tickets (do’s and don’t’s)
  • a different perspective on how to use ebay ( she prefers “buy now” to auctions)
  • a couple  handy checklists, and a good models for record keeping, which will be very important in this business.

My sense is that the author is a pretty savvy, thorough business person, who has all the ticket broker bases covered….It’s definitely an important addition to the ticket broker library. 


  1. Presents a methodical, well-written and low-risk approach to buying and selling tickets
  2. This book can be used as a reference for many situations that arise ….how to deal with a bad buyer, or missing tickets, or if you made a bad purchase and want to cancel.
  3. Lots of resources on where to get that critical research we need to make decisions.
  4. On presales, not only do we get resources, but we get several passwords.

  5. Handy tools and tricks for navigating Ticketmaster


  1. No cases studies or presented, although there are guidelines for how much of a profit you should expect to make.  I really like to see actual numbers – it brings the point home.
  2. While there is mention of each of the possible types of events – sports,concert – the focus seems to definitely be on concert tickets.  The pros and cons of each type of event are not mentioned.   I would imagine there are some differences between how to approach MLB versus concerts, but these differences are not discussed. 

All in all, this book delivers – its packed with useful information, and will definitely be pulled out many times to come.  For those who aspire to become ticket brokers, this will prove very valuable. Thanks for the great book, Brittany…


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