Where to sell tickets: Stubhub or Ebay?

Ebay or Stubhub…what do the experts use?

So now that you've got these great tickets, where should you sell them?  If you look around the web, you'll see lots of possible options.  But I haven't found one broker who uses any service  other than Ebay, Stubhub, and, very occasionally, craigslist.  And everyone uses some combination of both, though some rely much more heavily on one than the other.  There's an excellent comparison of the Ebay versus Stubhub debate, and why you might use one versus the other in the Lazy Way to Buy and Sell Tickets for a Profit.

In a nutshell, for 15% of the final sale price, StubHub will do everything for you, including providing fedex shipping labels.  There are listing fees with Ebay, as well as final transaction fees that equal about 7- 10% of the total sales price.  And you are the customer service

Stubhub advantages:

  • no listing fees
  • No customer interaction
  • Good information to help determine ticket prices
  • Has a feature that allows for electronic printing of tickets, which allows tickets to be sold he day of the event.
  • For buyers, it's easier to find the tickets you want on Stubhub.
  • Has an excellent reputation for customer service and provides guarantees to buyers.

Ebay advantages:

  • lower overall transaction cost as percentage of sales (7 – 10%)
  • gives you a chance to market your tickets with your Ebay presentation if you enjoy the marketing aspect of selling tickets.
  • Choice of "buy now" or auction style sale.


The big question is…..which one commands higher ticket prices?

It's a split decision.  Half say Stubhub gets higher prices, half say Ebay does….I guess it all depends.  In the end, you need to figure out what works best for you by experimenting and deciding what mixture of stubhub and ebay you want to use. 

As I mentioned, every broker uses a combination of both.   The next question is….when using ebay, do you use the auction style or "buy now".   Most of them prefer the buy now, but there are times when the auction might be right.  The Ticket Broker Blueprint does an excellent job making the case for the "buy now" option. The trend definitely seems to be in this direction.

So what should you use?

Perhaps for those higher priced tickets, Ebay could be a good choice if there's a significant profit to be made.  But for the vast majority of tickets, in my opinion and other ticket brokers, Stubhub might be the best overall choice, especially for someone new in the business.  If you sell in a high enough volume, the Stubhub commission drops to 10%. 

But as one person put it, it may largely depend on your selling style.  For me, Stubhub is it.  I had a great experience with it, so I'm sold. Unless I get Superbowl tickets, it's Stubhub. 

Are there any other good options?

Several brokers noted noted that craigslist can be a good way to unload tickets if there's no demand on Stubhub or EBay, and the sale is a local one.  People are looking for a deal on craigslist, so you won't be getting big returns there.  So this would only be used rarely.

There are a couple other options for higher volume brokers or "9 to 5" brokers.  Some options include Ticketnetwork, EventInventory, and Ticket Liquidator.  If you take your business to higher level, these might be options.  All require annual fees and merchant accounts or software fees.  In essence, you're paying upfront fees in exchange for lower overall fees per transaction. 

So if you're just starting out in the business, Stubhub is overal best bet, while ebay and craigslist might play a limited role on your sales approach.  If you take your business to the next level, one broker mentioned having a very good experience with Ticketnetwork.